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Dear Sir/Madame,

Please provide your information to us or check your information if you have already provided it.

You are receiving this email because you:

  • Are going to be working for us (again)
  • Want to change your personal information

Click in the e-mail to change your information or provide it to us. As soon as you have provided your information, we will let you know within at most 2 business days whether or not the registration/change has been approved.

Registration process for new employees

To be able to register with us we need some information from you*, including a copy of your ID and bank card. We have strict requirements for the copy of your ID, so please first watch the instruction video prior to making the copy or scan:

*The client may already have filled in information for you. If this is the case,  please carefully check all the information and correct it, if necessary.

Click here for an explanation video

Questions? Contact us.

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