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    Explanation about your payslip

    Bovenkant loonstrook

    Down below you will find an explanation about your payslip.


    Basisgegevens / basic data

    • Boekjaar: this is the year in question.
    • Periode: the period for which the payment applies.
    • Verwerkingsdatum: the date on which the payslip was processed.
    • Bedrijfsauto: this indicates whether you have a company car or not.
    • Minimumloon: your legal gross minimum wage per period.
    • LH-Tabel: mention of the tax table that is applied.
    • Heffingskorting: this indicates whether you have applied tax credit or not.
    • Percentage BT: incidental rewards such as vacation allowance, bonus and overtime are taxed at this percentage.
    • Tabeltijdvak: mention of the tax table that is applied.
    • Soortloner: mention of monthly, 4-week or weekly payment.
    • Werkgever: the number of your employer.
    • Werknemer: your number in our system.
    • BSN: this is your Citizen Service Number (BSN).
    • Datum in dienst: the date you started working at Payroll Select.
    • Geboortedatum: your date of birth.
    Onderkant loonstrook

    Salariscomponenten / salary components

    • A: the amount of hours you have been paid for, your gross salary per hour and the amount that is worth.
    • B: if you have ‘pluspensioen’ (the build up of your pension) this is what you see on your payslip. You see the percentage of your gross salary in the period.
    • C: the basis on which the employer pays premiums for you, so that you are insured for, among other things, involuntary unemployment and incapacity for work.
    • D: statement of wages for taxes. You must pay taxes on this wage according to the applicable table.
    • E: the amount of taxes you need to pay.
    • F: the subtotal.
    • G: the part of the differentiated premium for the resumption of work allowance (Whk) that is deducted from the net salary.
    • H: the basis on which the employee contribution in the premium Whk is calculated.
    • I: the bank account number the money has been transferred to.
    • J: the amount of days and hours your taxes have been calculated on.
    • K: an overview of your reservations.
    • L: cumulative data of gross salary, wages for employee insurance, wage for wage tax, wage tax and the total wage paid.